Process my Gunpura work

Finally I finished to build my one of hobby , Gunpura. I applied my favorite color, matt and gloss black combination for whole body. It was so tiring work to apply very small around 100 stickers on the body.

Checking Camera Equipment

I shocked when I checked all my camera equipments before going vacation. I realized I’ve collected a lot of camera stuffs so far. haha I prefer camera equipment as small as possible and lighter. But it seems still heavy. Someday I hope I could meet a camera that combined with all existed camera functions, highest quality, very small and light like Go-pro. So can bring only one device for my vacation 🙂

Future of automobility

nov 18, 2014 interview with IDEO’s ricardo figueiroa on the future of automobility 4 interview with IDEO industrial designer ricardo figueiroa on the future of automobility all images courtesy of IDEO       ‘the future of automobility‘ is a conceptual vision from the?global design and innovation firm?by IDEO, responding to the future of autonomous driving, on demand delivery services, and the future of the workspace. ‘as business models, technical innovations and user needs evolve, we expect to continue to see many exciting developments in the transportation and mobility domain,’ explains ricardo figueiroa, an industrial designer and portfolio director at […]

Playing Drone

@ MBS in Singapore


Composition of my mirrorless camera, A7 SONY A7 + sel55f18z + sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX DG (with LA-EA4)

The Sound of Taste

This is amazing video An audio visual installation in association with Schwartz Flavour Shots, an innovative new range of herb and spice blends locked in oil.

Experience of Singapore Flyer

It was great and awesome nightscape ever. @ Singapore Flyer

Playing Drone

@ Botanic Garden