My own digital scheduler.
–Graduation project. (Hanyang Univ.)


  • It’s always stressful and difficult to manage our endless schedules everyday iplan will help to collect and manage all our schedule scattered to many devices such as post-it , hand diary, note book and calendar. it will show totally new way to manage with our information. iplan is luxurious and premium looking which has matt black body and the matt silver metal.

The composition?of i plan

  • iplan is composed to three devices,* i color, i link and i chip.And each items are independent role as family.

The way of access

  • How to communication between iplan and user
    1. Input schedule should be the easiest way.
    2. Searching of schedule must be easy and it should be able to see the whole plan overall always.
    3. Interaction between user and planer should be new method, existing stereotype. (Multiple animation effects)
    4. Multiple using way not only as planer. It can be other functional products while user not to use.
    5. user can carry iplan display anytime as it’s minimized design.