My own interactive computer—-Gravity–

  • Intro
    Computer is the most intimate tool with modern people and rapidly change to various concept.
    The most important point of future computer would be a diversified interaction with user.
    Here I suggest some feasible direction of interaction computer in the near future.
  • Concept
    It’s a computer all hardwares are minimized in the form that looks like sculpture.
    computer sensor response and communicate with the user by a variety of forms.
    Computer is getting decked out according to user’s own taste as ‘sphere’.
  • Features of each tools
    All devices can be detachable each other by magnetic forces.
    ‘Sphere’- Databases and each devices as Hub device.
    ‘Panel’ – For interaction with user.
    ‘Spuit’ – A tool for injecting(apply) a color(data) to each files as a pen mouse.
    ‘Chip’ – when user paste the chip that contains the data on the display, files came around chip and make a group together. (multiple chips can be used)
  • How to use
    The thing apart from other computers is ‘sphere’ provides tailored contents for the user.
    1. Apply to each files (picture, music and video) after checking a color based on the importance or your mood. (Using Spuit tool)
    2. Although each files that the user applied color already are spread on the computer, but if user paste chip tool on the screen, same color files are shown on the screen after grouping.
    (For example, Let say user set ‘violet’ representatived adjective,”gloomy’, and then stick chip tool that set to ‘violet’ already on the screen, all files (such as picture, music and video) related violet are shown on the screen. In additional to use online,?could make more contents.
    3. If user paste more chips that set other color(adjective), could search data more detailedly.
    4. ‘sphere’ collects user’s data and become their own database after repeating the process, reclassification and reunion.