Smart Guide

-A Digitized Kitchenware for the future ——

  • Intro
    There haven’t been much changes in kitchenware for a long time.
    But with digital technology, it makes cooking more convenient.
    Usually ordinary people refer to recipe books?when they cook.
    At this time, we get stress from various cooking guide books were written different weights and measures.
  • Concept
    This is concept could solve this problem by digital technology.
    We have several measurement?products (like measuring spoon,?cup?and scales in the kitchen), but those are stuffs takes up much space and got lost always whenever we look for.
    Besides, several units of quantity are even make us to be confused to calculate.
    We have wished a new product that could solve these problems.
  • Feature
    Weight (g,kg and lb) and volume (l,ml,cc and oz) can be converted each others and show on the display with unit of spoons or cups.
    This kitchenware based on touch interface can be operated easily.
  • Functions
    This kitchenware enables you to calculate all the unit.
    1.It display the weights of the ingredients (weight exclude cups or spoons) on the LCD.
    2.It can be converted to the unit?user wants to see.
    3.By attaching the thermometer, you can measure the temperature of the cooking oil.
    (Various equipment can be attached.)
    4.It can be used as kitchen timer.
    5.It is made of stainless steel and plastic. (waterproof)