Color Pencil / Kid Stationery-


  • Concept
    What is the best way to carry whole set of color pencil and not to lose each easily?
    I designed this item called , CUBE. Each piece of cube can be combined each other to make whole big?group.
    Whole?Grouped piece?composed of?several small pieces like a puzzle to reduce?disadvantages of loss while using color pencils. CUBE?looks beautiful and cute as part of interior stuff. This is not for a professional but It’s fun to use. ?Color pencil, ink pen, stamp are available
  • Feature
    This product is suit for kid. It’s also educational item. They can learn how to build puzzle to combine each block step by step.
  • Structure
    The mid part is?Semi-transparent silicon material(Polyethylene) is?detachable and?ergonomic shape for?grip.
    It’s very strong structure as well. So it will not be broken easily whenever children play with.