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Process my Gunpura work

Finally I finished to build my one of hobby , Gunpura. I applied my favorite color, matt and gloss black combination for whole body. It was so tiring work to apply very small around 100 stickers on the body.

Checking Camera Equipment

I shocked when I checked all my camera equipments before going vacation. I realized I’ve collected a lot of camera stuffs so far. haha I prefer camera equipment as small as possible and lighter. But it seems still heavy. Someday I hope I could meet a camera that combined with all existed camera functions, highest quality, very small and light like Go-pro. So can bring only one device for my vacation 🙂

Playing Drone

@ MBS in Singapore


Composition of my mirrorless camera, A7 SONY A7 + sel55f18z + sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX DG (with LA-EA4)

Experience of Singapore Flyer

It was great and awesome nightscape ever. @ Singapore Flyer

Playing Drone

@ Botanic Garden

Phuket Travel